Creative scheme

The company has an accurate design service team of fountain waterscape, humanized and personalized design concept, gives the creativity and conceptual scheme of the project according to the location, environment, positioning, theme and purpose of the project, and highlights the characteristics of the waterscape design of the project from the perspective of art.

Creativity is a way to further excavate and activate the combination of resources through innovative thinking consciousness, so as to enhance the value of resources. A good design scheme needs comprehensive investigation, exquisite technology, clear steps, unconventional and strict implementation.

A good design should solve practical problems. The design that cannot respond to the demand will only be simple decoration.

Good design solutions solve problems and achieve a goal. This is not only about how something looks, but also about how easy the solution is to understand and use.

Good design scheme makes people addicted and excited, so that every customer has a unique moment.



Preliminary communication planning

Be creative to the needs of customers, solve customer problems and increase the highlights of the scheme, accurately locate and plan the design scheme through creative thinking, and create the maximum value for the project with the least investment.





Medium term collection design

Based on the principle of leading creativity, a set of design drawings is designed with new ideas, combined with planning scheme and data collection and sorting, combined with the feasibility technology of production.






Post production landing

Take the design scheme as the blueprint, take the production process and production process as the criteria, take the production quality and Party A's requirements as the benchmark, carry out safe and reliable construction of the fountain waterscape project, carry out in-depth design in combination with the environment, structure, equipment, device and process of the project, and issue a physical construction scheme, so as to achieve the best display purpose of the finished products and turn the scheme into finished products


Fountain processing

The company has a processing team with exquisite technology to process the fixed connection of fountain pipeline and its equipment. According to the deepening design and construction scheme and the effect to be achieved by fountain waterscape, the factory adopts the method of machining, opens the mold, makes the products required for different water shapes, runs and tests in the early stage of the factory, and then sends them to the project site.

In addition to processing with engineering design, it can also carry out finished product processing of fountain waterscape integration, professional waterscape design and processing technology, create innovative waterscape products and export them to foreign countries.

Installation control

Installation: according to the detailed design and construction scheme and factory processing of semi-finished products, the pipeline shall be embedded, welded and fixed at the project construction site, and the water and electricity installation and commissioning shall be completed to ensure the overall realization of the design effect.

Control: the arrangement and control of fountain, music and lighting is like a dance. The fountain combines various water types according to the soundtrack, controls components such as submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater color lamp and frequency converter, integrates visual and auditory feelings, and expresses the emotional charm of music.


Engineering maintenance

After sales maintenance: equipment maintenance and software program upgrading.

Upgrade and maintenance: all Waterscape fountain facilities have a certain service life. When the facilities are old, the nozzle will be blocked and the cable will be old, which will have a certain impact on the ornamental and safety. Well maintained fountain facilities have been used for a long time, and the way of water type expression will gradually become obsolete.

In view of the above situation, we provide professional testing and upgrading services. Starting from the needs of customers, we repair, upgrade or rebuild the original Waterscape fountain to show the due style of the landscape.


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