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Team Introduction

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Team Introduction



The company has a precise design of fountain waterscape Service team, humanized and personalized design concepts, according to the location, environment, positioning, theme, purpose of the project, etc., combined with the needs of customers, give the creative and conceptual scheme of the project, highlight the project's waterscape design from an artistic point of view characteristic.
A good design plan must solve practical problems. Designs that cannot respond to demand will only be pure decorations.
A good design solution solves the problem and achieves a certain purpose. It's not only about how something looks, but also how easy the solution is to understand and how easy it is to use.
Good design is addictive and exciting, so that every customer has an unparalleled moment.
Pre-communication planning——
Create creativity for customer needs, solve customer problems and increase program highlights, and accurately locate and plan the design through creative thinking, and create the greatest value for the project with the least investment.
Mid-term collection design——
The design is based on the principle of creative leadership, with a brand-new concept, combined with planning and data collection, and combined with the feasibility of production technology to design a set of design drawings.
post-production landing——
Take the design plan as the blueprint, the production process and production process as the criteria, and the production quality and Party A’s requirements as the benchmark to carry out safe and reliable construction of the fountain waterscape project, combining the environment, structure, equipment, Deepen the design of installations, processes, etc., and give a specific construction plan, so that the finished product can achieve the best display purpose and turn the plan into a finished product.

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